Digital Marketing with Google Adwords

Google Adwords :

Google Adwords is service provided by google to create ad camgains and promote it through google search and google’s partner sites.

In  Digital Marketing Google adwords helps  to increase the chances of searched,reached and convert in to profit of your services. If someone is searching with particular keywords in google search ,google adwords can bring your presence online on top of the search page.

Why google adwords:

1.To increase the reach on time

2 To increase no of customer

3 To increase presence locally as well as globally

How to Start with Google Ads :

Once you login in Google Adwords with your gmail account , there is  camgains button


Once you click on campagin next process will appear 


Select campagin setting

Campaign Types : There are six types of camgains, depending on the objective and goals to create a ad and taget where it will appeare. & display ads

2.Search only

3.display ads ads ads ads

Google Adwords Campagin Types

Sub Types : There are 3 sub types ,which gives settings & options to create your campgain more effectively .It matches your  goals with market requirements.


b . All Features

c. Marketing Objective

Google Adwords -campagin Sub Types & display Network : Once the search is make on google search or its partner sites ,the ads will apear in  the relevent keywords results. It will also apears on relevant google display network ,which includes a group of 2 million websites +videos & apps. It covers large no of target audiences.This campagin option covers large no of audience through search network ,also givens opportunity to reach targeted  people, who are more interested in your services,which you are advertising .

2.Search Network  : When people are searching for specific products or services ,then it apear in google search and partner sites,non google  websites those are partners, including Maps .Search network is useful when your ad  belongs to specific category .The ads will apear in text formats.

serach Network


3.Display Network :  Dispaly networks create opportunity to connect with the customers in different ad formats across the digital network ,which includes gmail,youtube,mobile sites and apps.The effect of display network is more as it creats more impact on customers mind to take decisions.

Display network gives oppotunity to make your ad more effective with  text,images or video with different attractive colors & motions.

Display Network

With Display Network ,you can find the right target audience ,who can be your prospect customers.

One can select ,where to deiplay the ads like the webpages,video,gamesmobile site,apps .There are option ,where one can block the from the sites ,which are out of target or not relevent.

With display Ad network either you can choose mass audience for brand awareness or targeted customers ,who are ready to purchase.

Display ad network gives advantage of

Brand awarness

customer engagements

More conversions ratio

Customer loyality

4.Shopping Ads : If you want to promote your local business or increase traffic towards your business or store shopping ads are best option to choose. shopping ads are display of products image with description of tittle, sellers ,measurement , price, availability. Google adwords collect products data from its merchant centre & shows to the prospect customers who are searching for  similar products or services . As shopping ads are shown across the web  to the potential customer the conversion rate is higher through adwords shopping ads.

shopping ads



Advantages of Adwords shopping ads

More no of traffic

targeted leads

retail oriented campagin

suitable in braoder presence

Product performance & Competitive insights

5. Video ads: Adwords promotes the ads campagin through youtube and other video partner sites ,apps,across display network including mobiles and tablet depending on formates & settings.The ads are in form of video to engage customer more effectively.The communication about products and services are more  effective to the customers.

Advantage of Video Ads :

a.Customers wants to know about your services so they view the video and objective of getting more view by the right customer target is fulfilled.You are charged ,when someone clicks on your video.

b.The time of running a video ad is more then 30 sec, which give opportunity to better product demo,discriptions,how to use,testimonials,

c.It reaches to you tube and partner video sites as well as display network desktop,mobiles and computers.

6.Universal app campagin  : If you have an app for your products or services then your goal would be to make people download your application in their devices and attract them to use your services.Adwords universal campagin promote your app campagin through its search,google play,youtube & display network with ad option of creatives,texts  and images .

Universal app campagin

Adwords take app’s information from application store and create ads from available text ,image information. The adwords spread ads and bid automatically to generate maximum no of downloadhow s in cost effective ways.







Digital Marketing with Facebook Advert

The word Digital Marketing is very wast and facebook advertising is one of the important tool to promote brands,products or individual among facebook’s 1.86 billion users.Digital Marketing with Social Media

Facebook Advert :

Facebook has a tool to promote through create advertisments . The creation of advertisments depend on the objective of promotion that is called name of campaign .

There are 11 types of deferent campaign ,under 3 categories.

Facebook Advert campagain Objective

Camgains are divided in 3 categories


a. Brand Awareness b. Local Awareness C. Reach 

2. Consideration

a.Traffic b.Engagement c.App installs views e.Lead Genration 


a. conversions b.Product catalog sales visits


Example :

If your objective is to attract or let them land more people on your page  then your campagin types in Traffic.

Choose campagin type/traffic

Ad set :

Once click on continue ,the second step is Ad set .Ad set describes and details about audience ,locations,targets ,budgets & ad scheduling.

One can set the audiance as per preference ,choose location to where the ad should appeare onfront of the right target.

On the left side column ,its is described how the ad is getting targeted.

Facebook ad set – Traffic & audience

Facebook gives two option for ad placement .

automated -where facebook automatically show the ads to right people.

Edit Placements : There is chances that you may not reach the target.

Budget : There is flexibility in facebook to choose your daily budget ,and run for certain no of days or choose all together .There is option of liftime budget.

Total budget =daily budget x no of days

Facebook ad set & schedule

The selected option determines when you pay for your ad. For many optimization goals, you’ll pay each time your ad is served (known as an impression).

Some optimization goals also let you choose between impressions and actions (such as link clicks or post engagements).
The recommended option shown here balances efficient spending of your budget to achieve your objective with easy understanding of your results.

The selection of ad delivery decides how effective the ad proves in given budget.

Link clicks – Link clicks helps to get maximum clicks in minimum cost.

Impression – No of frequency the ad appears in front of viewer ,creat impression on users mind.

Daily Unique Reach – Facebook promote ads once in a day infront of people.

Facebook ad set Budget & schedule


Bid amount  : Two types of Bid amount setting are provided.

a. Automatic : where facebook automatic bid for you ad and gets most effective clicks at lowest price.

b.Manual : If you have specific value in mind to optimize your ad ,or read to spend maximum amount as per facebook bidding.

When you get charged :

a Impression : As per no of impression ,you ad shown crossed certain nos.

b click : no of clicks you ad recieved .



Digital Marketing with Facebook Groups

What is Facebook Group:

Facebook Groups  are a plateform ,where you target to make network with  people who are having same interested example- a buy sell group ,food recipies sharing group,or health & fittness groups .Where people mutually shares pics,videos,thoughts or communications.Being group admin as it is created under your profile ,you would be having authority to control on group as per suitability.

Facebook Groups are great way to accomplish your digital marketing Digital Marketing goals.On Basis of privacy settings facebook Digital Marketing with Facebook has 3 types of Groups settings.

1.Public Group

2.Closed Groups

3 Secret Groups

How to Create a Facebook Group

How to create Fb group


1.Facebook Public Group

Fcebook Public group target large no of users. To create more user friendly ,to reach maximum nos of users. In public groups once,user join the group they are allowed to share and communicate. Group Post can be seen by anyone.

Facebook Public Group

2 Facebook Closed Group

It is beteen selected people with dedicated filteration.Group and members can be seenby anyone but group post are allowed to see only group members.

Facebook closed Group

3 Secret Group : Secret groups are among few members , and group itself will not be visible to  non members.


Facebook Page promotions tools

In all type of Facebook page’s (Digital Marketing with Facebook Page), there are 4 to 8 type of promotonal tools are available .By using these tools one can promote there pages and increase their follower’s engagement more.These are the the best practice to show something new and interesting to your users.


Facebook- Page Promotions Tools

1.Share a photo or video on Facebook Page : Where one can add photo or video ,create album  or slide shows.


                          Share a photo or video on Fb page


2 Advertise Your Business : To activity different keys like shop now or promote your page ,share with friend ,page can get more traffic.

Advertise your business

3 Get Sales : Convey products uniqueness with price details and attach a pic of it . Give option of shop now ,so customer can directly show the engagement.

Get Sales on Fb page

 4 Get Phone calls :  Activate call now key ,so prospects can direct make an enquiry.

Get Phone calls on Fb page

5 Get Messages : Activate send message key ,so lead can enquire through sending messgaes.

Get Messages on Fb page

6 Help people find your Business : Activate directions key ,so people can reach direct to your shop or business palce.

Help People Find your business on Fb page

7 Creat an Event : You can create event and create awareness  among your followers.

Create an event on Fb page

8 Create an Offer : To attract more and more users ,one can create an offer on fb page.

Create an offer on Fb page


Digital Marketing with Facebook Page

One of the strong medium to reach your target audiance is Facebook Page creation.There is six types of page is avilable in facebook.

Go to uppar bar ,which shows Home,name and other keys with down arrow.

Click on down arrow ,which show list of functions.

one has to click on  create page button

create Facebook page


There are six different type of page as per requiement of one’s objective.

Six type of facebook pages

1.Local business or place : If anyone wants to promote their buiness or releted place ,can creat page under local business or place type .One has to fill all the below given spaces to start with .

facebook page-Local business or Place


2 Company ,organization or institute : Here comapny or organization’s page can be created ,so that all the followers or supporters can get latest updates as well as convey there experience about the company.


Facebook page -company,organization or institute


Facebook page -company,organization or institute

3.Brand or Product : If you want to promote your brand more popular ,create a dedicate page for it ,and let your audience come together at one place.The page is best way to create awareness about your brand .

Facebook page  – Brand or Product


Facebook page  – Brand or Product

4 Artist , Band or Public Figure : If you are a artist or if you are owning a band group or any public figure then this page can be create for yourself or to promote others .Let your follower get updates about your latest collections,events or msgs.

Facebook Page- Artist,Band or Public Figure

Facebook Page- Artist,Band or Public Figure


5 Entertainment : Create community for same interest like magzine,music charts.

Facebook page -Entertainment
Facebook Page – Entertainment

6 Cause or Community : Create page to target cause or community ,where your supporters can follow you.

Facebook Page – Cause or community
Facebook Page -Cause or community


Digital Marketing with Facebook

Facebook : Facebook is a social plateform to connect with your friends,family ,business connections.Facebook is place to communicate ,express, create awareness, build follower base.Digital Marketing with Facebook

Create profile : To start with facebook one has to create profile in stepwise information asked from facebook team .

Once profile is ready ,creator can update status , write messages and post it .Same time user can share pictures,video and tag them to their connections.

On sharing of content  people start liking,commenting or sharing your post furthure in their network.

The quality of content decides the user engagement .More relevent or interesting contents gets more user engagement. If someone post with pictures or video ususlly people engagement gets increase.

#facebook #profile #socila media #social communication

Facebook profile


Digital Marketing with social media optimization(SMO)

social media optimization(SMO)are technologies which increases your websites’s presence in the social media websites. Social Media optimization(SMO) helps you to reach organization,brand,services,products to maximum numbers of users.SMO helps you to create awareness of your products,price,promotions  & Place (4ps).

Social Media Users Statistics:

Facebook statistics :

Active users : 1.86 billions (as per fourth quarter in 2016)

(active users inclused those who have regularly logged in last 30 days )

Facebook has more active users than twitter,wtsapp,instagram

for the details one can refer to these nicley explained statistics

As per Facebook (

1.23 billion daily active users on average for December 2016

1.15 billion mobile daily active users on average for December 2016

1.86 billion monthly active users as of December 31, 2016

1.74 billion mobile monthly active users as of December 31, 2016

Approximately 85.2% of our daily active users are outside the US and Canada

It also categaroise with time,gender,age,demography and many other parameters

Digital Marketing with Social Media

Social Media is one of the strongest way to implement digital marketing.Digital Marketing -Methods

What is social media:

Social media is a plateform where people  connect ,interact,share thoughts & emotions in more effective manner.Social media cirulate information in much broader way in combination of text,images,videos to the users.

Image result for free graphics images on social media

Social Media Includes:

Social Networking – Facebook,orkut,bebo,linkedIn ,google+,HI5,Ibibo

Video Sharing – Youtube,dailymotion,clipmoon,supershare,Viddler

Wiki-Wikipedia,Wikispaces,wiki-sites,wikidot,wiki PBworks

Blogging – Blogger,wordpress,weebly,Sosblog,Webgarden,Edublogs

Photo sharing : Flicker ,Picasa,photobucket,Fotolog,fotki,Webshots

BookMarking : Dig,Stumble upon,Diigo,Delicious,Folkd,Connotea,Jumptags

Document Sharing : Scribd,Docstoc,Googledoc,Divshare,Ziddu,slideshare,slideboom

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is the method to promote products,services or brand using digital tools  which are beyond the traditional ways of  marketing.

Why do we need Digital Marketing :

World is shrinking after revolution in information technology .The use of computers ,laptops & mobile has made customer to access everything in their finger tips. Earlier organization used to try hard to reach to users through print or electronic media,which is now days not enough .

Now days internet has changed the world and made the companies to reach customers through online method like social media ,blog,Search engine marketing,paid advertising,websites.More the online presence is the sign of covering large number of target audience ,which finely reflects in their business revenue. Continue reading Digital Marketing