Bids & Budget strategy in Google Adwords

We have learnt about google adwords and it has six different ad campagin option ,which we creat as per business goals & customer target Digital Marketing with Google Adwords

To run an ad we need to fix budget and get maximum return on investment as per Business objectives. Google adwords gives flexiblity to decide budget as per requirment.

Google Adwords Bid : Whenever there is ad space available with google search ,partner sites,blogs,pages,display networks ,youtube, adwords run an auction to show an ad on it.Google adwords Bid decides, on the basis of parameters ,which ad will apear on the available space.

Bid targets on  clicks, impressions, conversions, views, or engagements, depending on your campaign type.

a. Clicks : If the objective of adword campagin is to get more traffic or increase no of people who visits the sites in search or display network .You will pay once your ad gets clicked.

b.Impressions : If ad campagin is targeting only display network then instead of clicks you have to pay on frequency of ad shown.No of time the ad is shown or 1000 time the ad is shown then you will be charged.It is call thousand per impressions.The objective of this camgain is to creat brand awarness.

c.Conversions:For search,display or shopping ad campagins preferably target on conversions , where main goal of the ad is to get conversions through ad.Specifically  you want to see next actions on your links in terms of sales,email sign ups or other actions.Adword will charge you on per click but set the bid automatically to get maximum conversion in given budget.

d.Views :For video ad capgain  adwords charge cost per view .Themain goal of this ad set is to get maximum views n viewers engagement.You will pay one video view or any action on video interaction,call to action option.

Bid & Budget strategy : 

Target Search Page location : This bid helps you to bring your ad on top of the page or first search page.

Target cost per acquisition( CPA) : This bid helps you to bring maximum conversion in set amount.

Target return on spend amount(ROAS) :This bid helps you to bring maximum conversion value in set amount.

Target outrank share :This bid helps you to activate youe ads bidding across groups,campagin,keywords to help your ad to surpass from another domain.This bid streategy targets the search network only with groups,campaign & keywords.This ads shows above the other domain ads ,google search page or where other ads are not dispalyed.The ROSA increase the page ranking comapred to other domain or ads not the overall ranking.ROSA strategy is an effort to get set page ranking but final ad placement depends on the result of bid auction.

Maximize clicks : This bid streategy helps to get maximum clicks in set budgets.

Enhace CPC : This bid strategy gives flexibility to adjust manual  bid up or down to get maximum CPC.

Manual CPC : Set your own maximum cost per click .

Google Adwords Bid Strategy


How Budget Implements :

Budget is the amount spend  on  running the ad campagin.For single campagin the budget amount can be allocated for  single day or monthly average budget is avr daily budget muliply by average no of days in month 30.4.

monthly average budget = avr daily budget x average no of days in month(30.4)

adword bid & budget

Overdelivery :

Traffic deffer with day to day.When it is heavy traffic then google  allows  your compagin to spend 20% more than avr daily budget specifies.In monthly billing you are never charged for 30.4 day. 

How bidding works :

In ad auction adwords uses both quality and position.There is chances ,where competitor is bidding higher than you ,still on the basis of quality contents,relevent search keywords & ads, the auction of position can be win in lesser price.Often you pay lesser than maximum bid ,just to retain ad position and added features like sitlinks.It is called actual CPC.





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