Facebook Page promotions tools

In all type of Facebook page’s (Digital Marketing with Facebook Page), there are 4 to 8 type of promotonal tools are available .By using these tools one can promote there pages and increase their follower’s engagement more.These are the the best practice to show something new and interesting to your users.


Facebook- Page Promotions Tools

1.Share a photo or video on Facebook Page : Where one can add photo or video ,create album  or slide shows.


                          Share a photo or video on Fb page


2 Advertise Your Business : To activity different keys like shop now or promote your page ,share with friend ,page can get more traffic.

Advertise your business

3 Get Sales : Convey products uniqueness with price details and attach a pic of it . Give option of shop now ,so customer can directly show the engagement.

Get Sales on Fb page

 4 Get Phone calls :  Activate call now key ,so prospects can direct make an enquiry.

Get Phone calls on Fb page

5 Get Messages : Activate send message key ,so lead can enquire through sending messgaes.

Get Messages on Fb page

6 Help people find your Business : Activate directions key ,so people can reach direct to your shop or business palce.

Help People Find your business on Fb page

7 Creat an Event : You can create event and create awareness  among your followers.

Create an event on Fb page

8 Create an Offer : To attract more and more users ,one can create an offer on fb page.

Create an offer on Fb page



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