Digital Marketing with Facebook Groups

What is Facebook Group:

Facebook Groups  are a plateform ,where you target to make network with  people who are having same interested example- a buy sell group ,food recipies sharing group,or health & fittness groups .Where people mutually shares pics,videos,thoughts or communications.Being group admin as it is created under your profile ,you would be having authority to control on group as per suitability.

Facebook Groups are great way to accomplish your digital marketing Digital Marketing goals.On Basis of privacy settings facebook Digital Marketing with Facebook has 3 types of Groups settings.

1.Public Group

2.Closed Groups

3 Secret Groups

How to Create a Facebook Group

How to create Fb group


1.Facebook Public Group

Fcebook Public group target large no of users. To create more user friendly ,to reach maximum nos of users. In public groups once,user join the group they are allowed to share and communicate. Group Post can be seen by anyone.

Facebook Public Group

2 Facebook Closed Group

It is beteen selected people with dedicated filteration.Group and members can be seenby anyone but group post are allowed to see only group members.

Facebook closed Group

3 Secret Group : Secret groups are among few members , and group itself will not be visible to  non members.



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