Digital Marketing with Facebook Advert

The word Digital Marketing is very wast and facebook advertising is one of the important tool to promote brands,products or individual among facebook’s 1.86 billion users.Digital Marketing with Social Media

Facebook Advert :

Facebook has a tool to promote through create advertisments . The creation of advertisments depend on the objective of promotion that is called name of campaign .

There are 11 types of deferent campaign ,under 3 categories.

Facebook Advert campagain Objective

Camgains are divided in 3 categories


a. Brand Awareness b. Local Awareness C. Reach 

2. Consideration

a.Traffic b.Engagement c.App installs views e.Lead Genration 


a. conversions b.Product catalog sales visits


Example :

If your objective is to attract or let them land more people on your page  then your campagin types in Traffic.

Choose campagin type/traffic

Ad set :

Once click on continue ,the second step is Ad set .Ad set describes and details about audience ,locations,targets ,budgets & ad scheduling.

One can set the audiance as per preference ,choose location to where the ad should appeare onfront of the right target.

On the left side column ,its is described how the ad is getting targeted.

Facebook ad set – Traffic & audience

Facebook gives two option for ad placement .

automated -where facebook automatically show the ads to right people.

Edit Placements : There is chances that you may not reach the target.

Budget : There is flexibility in facebook to choose your daily budget ,and run for certain no of days or choose all together .There is option of liftime budget.

Total budget =daily budget x no of days

Facebook ad set & schedule

The selected option determines when you pay for your ad. For many optimization goals, you’ll pay each time your ad is served (known as an impression).

Some optimization goals also let you choose between impressions and actions (such as link clicks or post engagements).
The recommended option shown here balances efficient spending of your budget to achieve your objective with easy understanding of your results.

The selection of ad delivery decides how effective the ad proves in given budget.

Link clicks – Link clicks helps to get maximum clicks in minimum cost.

Impression – No of frequency the ad appears in front of viewer ,creat impression on users mind.

Daily Unique Reach – Facebook promote ads once in a day infront of people.

Facebook ad set Budget & schedule


Bid amount  : Two types of Bid amount setting are provided.

a. Automatic : where facebook automatic bid for you ad and gets most effective clicks at lowest price.

b.Manual : If you have specific value in mind to optimize your ad ,or read to spend maximum amount as per facebook bidding.

When you get charged :

a Impression : As per no of impression ,you ad shown crossed certain nos.

b click : no of clicks you ad recieved .




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