Digital Marketing with Facebook Page

One of the strong medium to reach your target audiance is Facebook Page creation.There is six types of page is avilable in facebook.

Go to uppar bar ,which shows Home,name and other keys with down arrow.

Click on down arrow ,which show list of functions.

one has to click on  create page button

create Facebook page


There are six different type of page as per requiement of one’s objective.

Six type of facebook pages

1.Local business or place : If anyone wants to promote their buiness or releted place ,can creat page under local business or place type .One has to fill all the below given spaces to start with .

facebook page-Local business or Place


2 Company ,organization or institute : Here comapny or organization’s page can be created ,so that all the followers or supporters can get latest updates as well as convey there experience about the company.


Facebook page -company,organization or institute


Facebook page -company,organization or institute

3.Brand or Product : If you want to promote your brand more popular ,create a dedicate page for it ,and let your audience come together at one place.The page is best way to create awareness about your brand .

Facebook page  – Brand or Product


Facebook page  – Brand or Product

4 Artist , Band or Public Figure : If you are a artist or if you are owning a band group or any public figure then this page can be create for yourself or to promote others .Let your follower get updates about your latest collections,events or msgs.

Facebook Page- Artist,Band or Public Figure

Facebook Page- Artist,Band or Public Figure


5 Entertainment : Create community for same interest like magzine,music charts.

Facebook page -Entertainment
Facebook Page – Entertainment

6 Cause or Community : Create page to target cause or community ,where your supporters can follow you.

Facebook Page – Cause or community
Facebook Page -Cause or community



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